Móricz Zsigmond Theater in Nyíregyháza Awaits the Spectators With Fifteen Performances in the New Season


In the 2022/2023 season, the Móricz Zsigmond Theater in Nyíregyháza is waiting for the audience with fifteen shows – theater director Róbert Kirják said at the institution’s season-opening company meeting on Monday.

The first show of the season on the main stage will be Spamalot, or the Gyalog gallop musical, on Saturday. The next premieres on the main stage will be Tonight We Fail, Complete Strangers, Frankenstein, and finally Catch If You Can!

The program of the Krúdy Chamber also starts with a musical performance, with Endre Fejes and Gábor Presser’s play Good Evening Summer, Good Evening, Love. This is followed by Antal Szerb’s play Utas és holdvilág, Curved Mirrors and Running Fire. The play Maggi and Lillemor will be shown at the Szindbád Rendezvénytér, while the play Kukucs! based on the script by Fruzsina Pregitzer and Gábor Olajos will be shown at the Bencs Villa.

Visitors to the Művész Stúdió will first be entertained by Deák Tamás’s play Maszmók between the Indians, followed by András Veres’s  Kelekótya’s haramiák marionette puppet show. On the main stage, schoolchildren can see the plays Misi Mókus and Attila Kszel’s Ludas Matyi Jr. 

Róbert Kirják announced that the Rózsakert Outdoor Theater had a successful summer. It hosted sixteen performances, which were seen by more than 11,000 spectators. Almost 5,000 people watched the theater’s five own performances, which was almost a sold-out audience. He said about the Vidor Festival: at this year’s festival, it was considered important to place great emphasis on the country’s popular music performers in addition to world music concerts.

Regarding the increased energy prices, he said that the additional cost could be as much as HUF 260 million. This amount represents a quarter of the theater’s total budget. He added that in order to reduce expenses, structural changes are being implemented, such as reducing the number of premieres. He does not consider temporary closures and staff reductions to be ruled out either, but they will do everything possible to avoid this.


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