First Rescued Animal From Ukraine Arrived at the Nyíregyháza Zoo

Local News

A family fleeing near Kyiv (grandparents, mother, little girl) left the little white-tailed silk monkey (Callithrix jacchus) at the Záhony border station with a request that they would like it to be accommodated in Nyíregyháza Zoo.


The Nyíregyháza Zoo staff welcomed the little animal a few days ago, which is now in quarantine.

The zoo also offered accommodation for the family, but they continued their way to Budapest, and then to their final destination, Germany.

Kátya, the little female monkey, was examined by the zoo’s veterinarian and it was given a unique identifier. The animal, which is only 14 cm and weighs 200 gramms, is both mentally and physically well, and has a good appetite. Its daily food consists of fruit, cooked meat, and arthropods.

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