Temperature Can Hit 25 Degrees Today – Cold Front Arrive on Saturday


On Friday, clouds may filter the sunshine in several places, but in some places smaller cumulus clouds may appear in the sky, and we can also encounter sunnier landscapes, reports Időkép.

At the same time, precipitation is not expected anywhere. Vigorous southeasterly gusts may occur primarily in the northwest. Temperatures will be around 3-11 in the morning and 21-25 degrees in the afternoon.

On Saturday, the day will start with foggy weather in many places, then during the day the sunshine may be filtered by clouds, and in addition, cumulus clouds may appear in the sky over several of our landscape units. Precipitation is not expected until the evening. Temperatures ca be between 20 and 25 degrees. On Saturday night, a weak cold front will arrive with a rising north-northwest wind, scattered with little rain and showers.

On Sunday, the sun will shine for several hours in most parts of the country, and only in some places a running shower may develop from the occasionally increasing clouds. In the lively, strong north-northwest wind, we can measure 16-22 degrees.


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