Body Found in River Tisza


A corpse was found in the Tisza near Tiszabecs on July 2nd, the police are asking the people for help in identifying the woman.


The Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County Police Headquarters wrote on on Saturday: the woman did not have any documents suitable for identification. In the case of the death, the Fehérgyarmat Police Headquarters initiated an administrative authority proceeding.


The deceased woman, about 60 years old, was 152-centimeter-tall, brown-haired and wore earrings. Above his left eyebrow there is a previous healed wound.


The Fehérgyarmat Police Headquarters requests that anyone who can help identify the deceased based on the description should report to them in person or call the telephone number 06-42-524-600 or the central emergency number 112, or the toll-free number 06-80-555-111, which can be called free of charge day and night.


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