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In recent years, the Flower Carnival of Debrecen and the celebration on August 20th have been enriched with more and more accompanying events. It won’t be any different this year either, on August 16th, a multitude of flower carnival programs will provide meaningful and memorable experiences.


Downtown music evenings

Between 13th and 21st August, visitors to Dósa Nádor Square can meet real musical delicacies for eight evenings. The wide range of music ranges from classical to fusion jazz, from folk to big band, and the unique atmosphere of the space, which was renewed last year, will be enriched by concerts in addition to concerts for six evenings.

Muzsikás concert

August 16th 6.00 pm

It is an internationally known standing star of Hungarian folk music in Debrecen.

Light play

Between August 16th and 21st, every night from dark to midnight

The city is dancing

August 16the – August 21st  More locations


This year, the essential and precious spots of the city’s carnival atmosphere, the dance groups will perform in the city center and in the Big Forest, dazzling the high-profile with their spectacular and varied program.

August 16th-19th 5: 00 pm – 7: 30 pm

Kossuth square 17: 00-20: 30 // Csapó street 7: 30 pm – 8: 30 pm Dósa Nádor Square

Craft fair

August 13th – August 21st

During the Flower Carnival, a Handicraft Fair awaits those interested in downtown Debrecen, at the end of Piac Street facing the Great Church.

Galiba Children’s Festival

Debrecen Zoo, Botanical Garden and Amusement Park

August 15th – August 22nd

The Galiba Children’s Festival, which celebrates its tenth birthday this year, has become a favorite series of programs for families. On this occasion, we are waiting for you with real festive programs between August 15th-22nd in the Nagyerdei Cultural Park.

“There is no more beautiful animal than a goose, it does not need a footpath,” sings Galiba, the goose in György Schwajda’s Ludas Matyi transcript. The “youth education” program of the Debrecen Flower Carnival was born in this playful form. Held for the 10th time this year, the main theme of the children’s festival is national values ​​and their transmission in traditional and modern forms, as well as Olympic sports that promote quality movement.

August 16th

2:00 pm Drive smart! – Interactive, playful education on safe traffic (Debrecen Police Station)

2:00 pm Debrecen Water Polo SE – training presentation

3:00 pm WILL BE Dance and Sports Association

3:30 pm Knight’s tower

4:00 pm Feeling Dance and Cheerleading Association

4:30 pm Knight’s tower

5:00 pm Dance House – Szeredás Folk Music Ensemble and the Debrecen Hajdú Dance Ensemble

5:30 pm The interactive program of the magician Balázs V. V.

Nagyerdei Open-Air Stage

Rost Andrea feat. Hot Jazz Band – I would dance tonight

August 16th • 8:00 pm – 9:30 pm (HuF 2,900 – HuF 4,400)

Kossuth and Liszt Prize-winning opera singer, Metropolitan of New York, Scala in Milan, Staatsoper in Vienna, Bastille Opera in Paris, star of the Royal Opera House in London, Luciano Pavarotti, partner of Plácido Domingo, José Carreras and José Cura, also with the participation of Kossuth’s award-winning Hot Jazz Band, this time she shows the defining hits of her youth in a special jazz tone.

Musical excerpts, film music and winning songs from dance song festivals will be performed, from Gershwin to Szabolcs Fényes, Katalin Karády through Marylin Monroe to Marlene Dietrich, from the world hit Oz to My fair lady to West Side Story. Of course, the singing duets are not left out of the show either, with the participation of Tamás Bényei.

The Hot Jazz Band is also acompanied by their two great artist friends: saxophonist Zoltán Mátrai and Attila Korb, who this time plays the piano and also makes most of the instruments. The performance can be viewed without age limit. In case of rainy weather, the performance will be held in the Great Hall of the Kölcsey Center.

Tickets can be purchased on közmester.hu and at the ticket office of the Csokonai Theater.

Czech Beer Terrace

August 13th-21st Nagyerdei park

Ten years ago, Czech beer came, saw and convinced many people in Debrecen. Since then, a lot has changed, but not one: Czech beer. The most important thing in brewing is constancy. In addition to the excellent raw materials (water, barley malt, hops), following every step of the traditional technology guarantees constant quality. They have not known this compromise for more than a thousand years. According to the first written mention, the Czechs have been brewing beer since 930. By the end of the 1700s, more than 1,000 breweries had given the Czechs everyday thirst quenchers. They are also responsible for the most popular beer in the world: in Plzen, beer filtration began in 1842. After the advent of Pilsner-type filtered beer, glass mugs became widespread: before that, there wasn’t really a reason to look at the color of beer. Going to a pub is still the most common form of everyday contact in the Czech Republic. They are practiced in real time, regardless of age and gender, face to face, beer to beer: so it’s a personal thing. By the way, there is even an invisible ingredient in Czech beer: the elixir of love of life. Hrabal, sitting next to the Czech beer, realized, “My God, this life is beautiful to the point!”

The Czech Beer Terrace can be visited WITHOUT A PROTECTION CERTIFICATE.

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